Shipping heavy items from one location to another can be a big hassle and often takes quite a long time, but freight companies can make it much easier. You don’t have to worry about handling the item once it’s delivered and navigating it through your home or office because they will do all the work for you.

What is Freight Shipping?

There are many ways to ship your large items. You can crate or pack the items, take them to a freight company, or rent a freight truck. Shipping by freight is one of the most effective and efficient ways to ship heavy, large, and expensive items that are difficult to transport if you are looking for ways to ship large items and need a solution that provides the highest level of customer service.

Why Use Freight Shipping For Large Items

Freight shipping is an efficient method of shipping large items over long distances, usually from a distant place to your home or business, often over longer than the usual distance a courier would travel. Instead of having the item shipped to you, the freight broker will take your item and deliver it to the destination.

The biggest advantage of using this method is that it works very well for large items. You can ship anything up to a certain weight, which means it can include your kitchen table and use less than a quarter of a ton.

This is different from freight forwarding services, which can only help you ship things that weigh less than 3,500 lbs. You successfully beat the odds, and you can get your heavy items delivered in no time.

You have direct pickup and delivery so you can expect your shipment to get there much faster. Usually, the cost of transportation is not included in the final price. However, if you check the exact shipping costs beforehand and find that a cheaper option is available for your shipment, it may be a better deal for you.


Freight shipping was also designed with security in mind. While standard shipping is often used to deliver fragile items, such as glassware, or perishable items, freight shipping will be able to ship even the heaviest of goods with no damage or fuss. Packages will be handled with great care so they don’t get damaged during transport, and each shipment piece will be carefully wrapped to prevent cracking or chipping.


The way that freight shipping works is that the carrier puts your item onto one of their trucks and then drives it to the destination address. The carrier will deliver your heavy shipment as quickly as possible, so you get it fast. Express freight can get your large item to its destination in as little as two days.

If you have a delivery that needs to happen in just a couple of days, then freight shipping will help you. Since most it is done via ground transportation, it is much faster than the standard shipping methods.


Cost is another factor that comes into play when looking for ways to ship heavy and large items. Compared with packing or truck freight, shipping by freight is more cost-effective and advantageous due to its specialized services. Freight companies offer comprehensive services, including insurance, crating, identification tags, and bundling.

Freight carriers are usually required to charge a much lower shipping rate than standard carriers because they must provide the same service, but most carriers also handle other services, such as package consolidation at their facilities, so they can save money by consolidating multiple deliveries into a single trip.

Why Freight

Freights are transporting your goods so you can use them whenever necessary. They will also allow you to track when they are coming, which can be much more convenient than following your shipment around only to find out that it will arrive randomly in a few days. That is why freight services are so much better than other shipping methods for large items.