Our mission is to be the industry’s most trusted, customer oriented final mile service provider.


Founder Leonard Wright started the company with $40 and a cargo van to his name. Through sheer will and determination, he has grown the company into the multi-million dollar establishment it is today. Leonard knew early on, that in order to be successful he had to create a company that was based on superior customer service. In those early years, he would spend many days completing deliveries and then spend his nights finishing the bookkeeping and invoicing. The company, which he started as RoadOne Express and has since rebranded as INPAX, grew because out of Leonard’s dedication to excellence. To this day, if the job needs to get finished and there’s no one to handle it, Leonard will complete the delivery himself.


INPAX is the most trusted final mile delivery service provider in the Southeast and midwest region. Headquartered in Atlanta, INPAX has a strong footprint in the region with branch offices, as well as dedicated service routes throughout the Southeast including Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Texas, and other states across the country including Ohio and Illinois. The broad scope of services offered by INPAX gives us the capability to be the single source of your shipping needs. Operating 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, we provide services ranging from 1-hour courier to tractor trailer loads to logistics. At INPAX, we have grown from our early years of being an expedited courier provider by replicating that core model and service capabilities in the freight space. When freight needs to get delivered in a specific time frame, we utilize our experience and expertise handling time sensitive products to offer our clients best fit solutions.


We have and will continue our strong commitment to providing a personal touch to each customer encounter and delivery. As a point-to-point service provider, INPAX becomes an extension of your company, so we take great pride in every service and delivery we complete for you.


We understand that no two jobs are the same and no two customers are alike. We work with a wide range of business types and have the industry expertise to create custom execution plans for each customer.


INPAX is your first and last call because we’ll get the job done, bottom line. With a management team of over 100 years combined experience and employees committed to operational excellence, there is no task too small or too large that we won’t help you find a solution for.